Deccan project development team provides proven project expertise and the capacity for bundled or unbundled services on a project-by-project basis.

Our strategic and tactical planning services provide feasibility and proof of concept studies, including evaluation of technical issues and alternatives. Through analysis of market needs combined with research, Deccan will identify all of the regulatory and construction requirements for various alternatives, including cost impact studies.

Once feasibility and proof of concept has been established, Deccan will work closely with designers to create an integrated project plan that sets the standard for high quality and consistency throughout the project. Route selection and right-of-way selection along with scope, schedule, budget, and quality planning are essential to completing the project on time and within budget to established quality standards. Most importantly, Deccan will review financial needs for project reporting and control, developing processes to ensure strategic and timely information is made available throughout the project.

Deccan will also perform due diligence and interim management services as project development needs require.

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